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Want to know why some independent service providers stand out and others get lost in the shuffle?

Nobody notices you.

It’s a big wide marketplace out there and people need to see you and benefit from what you have to offer.  The absolute key to great marketing on the internet is staying visible, consistent, and constantly present in the minds of your favorite people…your target market.

So, what’s the solution?

The answer sounds simple…share valuable “stuff”, otherwise known as content!

Quality, customer-driven content can …

  • teach
  • inspire
  • influence
  • transform
  • evoke
  • communicate

…all the things you want to do as a coach, consultant, or freelancer, and more!

However, the hard part is…

Writing and creating and distributing content takes a lot of time.

And the best thing you can do is have a strategic plan for how you create and deliver content.  Your content strategy can help you share what you have to offer…without overwhelming you.

time to create content

How can this website help?

I’m Online Sharing Strategist Tanya Smith and I provide training and coaching to help you stand out by sharing.  On this site, you can read the blog articles, take classes and join live webinars to learn how you can map out the perfect plan.

I want to help you effectively market and promote your services by sharing excellent content online.

Through a series of on-demand training courses, articles and live webinars, Tanya Smith Online delivers step-by-step answers to how you can position your brand with content.

Our online training courses give you the opportunity to:

  • Learn powerful, proven techniques to plan, create, and deliver educational content that promotes your business
  • Earn points towards training and personal, customized coaching with me to optimize your business
  • Get rewarded for sharing what you learn on this site with your friends
  • Access information, tools  and systems you need from wherever you are on any device
  • Be informed on the latest content strategy and marketing trends any time of day – that’s 24/7

And through private and group coaching experiences , I use a unique 5-point S.H.A.R.E. formula for success to help service providers get clear on what to share, when to share it, and how to share in a manner that honors their lifestyle choices and connects to their target audience.

5 tips great content strategy

Throughout the website, you’ll find the latest on-demand training, downloadable products, and upcoming events.  Just click on where you want to go from the navigation bar.

What makes Tanya Smith Online stand out?

My clients are constantly saying things like, “Tanya Smith is a creative professional and second to none when it comes to finding and using practical online tools to manage your time and money.”

Just check out the Resources page for a sample of tools in my massive resource toolbox.

There are typically three common problems for the aspiring independent service provider:

  • You are overwhelmed and distracted from all the ideas and information on the internet, and you need a trusted advisor to help you decide what content is actually relevant to connect with your target audience
  • You need to stretch your time as much as possible (because, after all, it’s just you) to focus only on marketing systems that will quickly increase revenue and visibility for your business
  • You need the right plan and the best tools to deliver what you’ve promised so you can build trust with your online audience

Content marketing can get expensive and time-consuming if you don’t know just the right steps. Without the right support and resources for developing an excellent content strategy, you’ll end up struggling to make your online marketing a success, and your time, cash, and enthusiasm will drain away.

So…Ready to get started?

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