Contrary to Popular Belief Thinking Small Does Pay Off

Hi, it's me...Tanya Smith. Welcome to my site. I work with providers and small businesses to develop smarter, short form content marketing strategies that help you engage and capture the attention of your prospects on social media. I call this "Snack Size Marketing".

Scroll down and grab a few snacks to help you minify your marketing...

The Power of Social MicroContent

Attention spans are shrinking. What you share on social media needs to deliver your message and hit awareness quickly and effortlessly. In this free webinar, I'll share how microcontent effectively helps you engage & grow your following on social media.

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Need advice on how to incorporate a quality, results-driving content strategy? Listen in to hear my best tips, expert interviews, and resource reviews to help you market the snack size way.
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These days it isn't hard to spend hours and hours of time on shareable content - it's the face of your business brand. Isn't it good to know you can get the help you need to make every minute and every cent you put into your social media marketing count?

I have the blueprint for social content marketing success.

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