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10 Apps for Scheduling Online Meetings Since Tungle.Me Is Leaving Us

Well, another online app bites the dust…heading for greener pastures in other technology work they are doing.  Read the letter here.  I couldn’t let this one go without sharing a few alternatives with you. It seems I get to do that quite a bit lately.  It’s the “circle of life” I suppose in web app world.

Tools for scheduling online meetings make your life so much easier.  Ever had that conversation over email, “hey, we need to get together”, “yes, we sure do – let’s find a time”, and by the time you go back and forth you both are too exhausted to get together and it never happens?

Or what about when you want to schedule that call with a group of people and you spend days trying to coordinate a time you all can meet?

Well, let’s get all that behind you.  In this video, I’ll review 10 apps you can use to schedule your day with the click of a few buttons.  I will cover the following 10 apps:

  1. TimeTrade
  2. Doodle
  3. Meetin.gs
  4. vCita
  5. Timebridge
  6. Setster
  7. Meet-O-Matic
  8. Boomerang Calendar
  9. When Is Good
  10. Meeting Wizard

If you love it, let me know – comment and share it!

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