5 Sizzling Hot and Profitable Topics to Share Online


Finding a profitable topic to share as part of your content strategy can be one of the best ways to ensure success of your business.  Once you identify some areas you love to talk about, it’s a good idea to focus your business topics on information people will be willing to pay for.  

The last time on my Share Your Stuff Online series, we talked about showing off your awesome.  I encouraged you to find out what you love then share it with the world through quality content.

This article will now give you a few ideas for some of the hottest topics around that people are wiling to pay for.

Remember, you do need to take the time to do the proper research and marry your passion to what people are looking for.

In an upcoming post, I’ll share more tips on doing the research.  But for now, here are five sizzling hot and profitable topics for your content strategy that have been popular the past few years, and they’re likely to continue to be at the top of the list.

Money Management

People are always searching for money management tips, tools and advice. They are not only looking for it, they are taking the useful information they find and putting it to good use.

The average household can use solid, helpful advice to get their finances back into shape when debt becomes a problem.  People also want to know how to maintain good habits around money even when debt is not an issue.

If you want to learn more about sharing and coaching on money, check out Kendall Summerhawk’s programs for a variety of training on the topic.  Her Money, Marketing, and Soul programs have been profoundly helpful to me on a personal and business level.


Weight Loss/Obesity

One of the most common problems in America today is obesity. This is a problem that continues to have a negative impact on the health and self-esteem of so many people.

This content topic can be taken in many different directions, so you can get pretty creative. There are tons of diets, exercise videos, manuals, and other weight-loss related products on the market you can target to be at the center of your content strategy.

People want solutions and they are willing to spend money to get the help they need.

Healthy Living

Another topic along the lines of health and wellness is focus on organic or green living.  People are looking for ways to change their buying habits to more eco-friendly options.

They want to be environmentally conscious and they want to save money while doing it. News articles are constantly introducing new discoveries and inventions in these fields.  For example, look at this recent article about stores moving to incandescent light bulbs shared on 8 News Now.

This topic will continue to expand as new ideas and technologies come out.

Improving Relationships

Who doesn’t want to improve relationships whether it’s about dating, mending bad blood in a family situation, developing stronger business networks.  The list goes on and on.

Making the right connections and maintaining them can enhance your work, how you play, and life in general.

Relationship advice makes a deep emotional connection so when your information can help someone in this area, the results and the testimonials can be highly impactful  for your business and generate great referrals.

Social Networking

Social media marketing and social networking are still hot content topics. The idea of learning how to be more proficient in marketing on the internet continues to show continued growth.  Social networks and various online communities provide people with a real-time marketing tool where they are able to “target market” and connect with others who have similar beliefs and interests.

Social networking is a great way to turn prospects into customers, but it can also be very time consuming.  Share information on the best strategies for doing this right.

Those are just five examples of some of the sizzling hot topics you may want to look into for your content strategy.  New markets are always up-and-coming and it’s a good idea to research current trends and keep up to date with the most popular niche topics.

One thing to keep in mind is if you are new to the internet, showcasing testimonials and case studies in these topics can really give your credibility a boost.  Remember the term “social proof” from the last article?

Regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial path, if you can share helpful, quality content on these profitable, popular topics you will be see a positive impact on your money-making efforts AND outstanding results for your audience!

What else would you add to the topic list?


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