Lately, I’ve really been getting my image geek on with a few classes I have taken.  My favorite right now is Traffic Driving Image by Socially Sorted via @DonnaMoritz (rockstar image marketing queen).

Since I’ve been sharing some snack sized social media tips lately on Instagram, they’re getting quite a bit of traction in a short timeframe. But photographs aren’t the only type of attention-grabbing social media content to create.

I thought it might be useful for you to see my top 5 types of a content in a larger form visual infographic-style.

Check out the image here and feel free to share with a friend or two or three.  I’ve added a sampling of some of my favorite resources in the pic.

What other micro-content have you created?  What trends have you seen that are catching your eye these days?  Leave a note for me in the comments.

Download the PDF version with active links here


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