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Snack size or micro content can be created in a variety of formats, but one approach to developing engaging micro content that is most common is short form text. That’s right – plain ole’ words.

The most likely platform you will see short form text as a form of micro content is social media. Think Twitter, as an example. But you will also find short form text in just about anywhere you read an article, watch a video, or listen to a podcast…in the form of headlines.

Why Headlines Matter

Headlines are a tremendously important type of short form text because headlines typically are the first words you see as you scan a page. They are intended to catch the eye and draw a reader into the material so that they consume more of the information.

Headlines can make an emotional connection, enticing the viewer to fall in love, laugh aloud hysterically, or hate the writer all in just a few seconds. They are super versatile and can be use in many different ways.

Most of all, headlines spark curiosity which is what makes them one of the most powerful forms of snack size content around.

6 Free Headline Generators (Watch the Demo)

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While you might see headlines and other micro content everywhere, it’s important to know that writing in this short form manner is a highly desired skill. Many entrepreneurs try and fail miserably to figure out the best way to write this way. It’s no surprise then that if you just do a quick Google search, you will find tons of formulas and templates.

I’ve collected a few of my favorite headline generators online to share with you in this post.

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Learn Advanced Headline Techniques to Stand Out

These headline generators will certainly get you through if you’re in a time crunch. They will save you hours of time!

However, if you really want to learn to write great headlines, it is more of a mental exercise than you might think. Recently, I took a course from the amazing Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics. It was highly intensive and almost like taking one of my Master’s level classes when I was working on my MBA.

Sean is one of THE best in the industry when it comes to creating results-driven copy and he made it clear that templates and formulas might work in the short run, but learning how to write them yourself can absolutely set you above the average marketer.

So just in case you want to go a little deeper than the formulas, here is a list of some of my favorite courses on how to write short form content and other types of content great for online engagement:

  • Psychotactics course – Sean D’Souza is one of my favorite-est people on planet Earth. You’ll find that anything on his site is well researched, proven techniques from the mind of a copy and marketing genius.
  • Short Copy Success Secrets course – this is a quick, but super insightful course by Karon Thackston and Christine Cobb. The link is an affiliate link, which means I get a commission when their course sells. I’ve taken it myself and learned a lot!
  • Snackable Writing Course – creator Henneke Duistermaat of Enchanting Marketing also wrote this recent blog post about headlines you don’t want to miss 🙂
  • I Can Do Copy! Copywriting 101 course – I couldn’t keep from you my very own course on writing online copy. This is pretty good if I must toot my own horn. It comes with templates and a complete video training course.

I hope you will look into these if you are serious about learning how to write great online copy. Enjoy!