Brand Voice for Social Media

Brand voice is not a term you hear very often, but it matters a lot in today’s crowded online marketplace. Ever heard the phrase, “What you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say?” or “Action speaks louder than words?”

Your brand voice on social media is about the personality you convey to an audience through use of certain words, phrases and behaviors. It includes the language and the tone you use in communications like text-based content, printed materials, verbal interactions, videos, and other multimedia content.

However, it can also be part of the visual language your brand shares in content like infographics.

It says a lot about how you will interact and what type of person or business you represent.

An easy way to understand this is to think of brands as people. When you first meet new people, you use certain language or discuss certain topics. The language you use most often can be referred to as your “voice.”

Typically we are either drawn to or diverted away from a person based on how their language affects us.

Brand voice is an essential part of branding but it’s not the same thing as the brand. Your brand is the full collection of values, ideas, and associations that exists in your customer’s mind.

When they think of you, the brand is the image that comes into their mind. The voice, on the other hand, is the actual language you use in order to convey that brand image to your customers.

Voice is important because it’s a key part of identifying your brand. You know what your organization stands for, but how do you get your target market to understand that? You do that through speaking to them using this brand voice.

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Here are a few key features of a brand voice

It uses language that’s appropriate for your target market. It speaks in a way that the customer expects it to speak. For instance, a coffee shop’s voice should sound like a coffee shop (think Starbucks; they wouldn’t speak the same way marketing speaks for a luxury car brand).

It conveys your values. Through the words and tone used, it explains your business’ core values. Your audience members know that you’re on the same team, as these values should resonate with them. My values include things like spirituality, time freedom, family – these are reflected in the type of content I share and most people that follow me are attracted to these as well.

Your brand’s voice is unique. It sets one apart from others in the market. When your audience members hear your voice, they know without a doubt that it’s you.

A business brand voice is consistent. It doesn’t stray from its tone, language, and values. This is good because it creates and builds trust in the minds of your audience. If a person encounters marketing materials from a company that are “off” from their brand image, this can create a disconnect and plant seeds of distrust.

Who should be concerned about brand voice

Businesses large and small, and in every field or industry, have to purposefully define and implement their own brand voice in order to successfully create an image in the mind of the customer…especially on social media.

A strong, clear voice allows an organization to cut above all of the other noise, and also clearly explains to people what you and your business are all about.

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