In this snack size social content video, we will share updates for Facebook, Amazon and Mailchimp.

Social Content Trends Overview

Facebook Video 

  • FB now coming out with “sound on” as you scroll video
  • It will fade in over the first 4 secs when you scroll or hover over it
  • You can disable but it won’t be the default
  • Marketing impact: Rethink your first 4 seconds video strategy and your caption strategy to catch attention early

Facebook Jobs

  • You can now post & apply on for jobs Facebook
  • Competing with LinkedIn? Not so sure – different audiences and focus. We’ll have to see
  • What do you think about posting for a job in Facebook? (Leave in the comments)

Amazon Chime

  • You can use Amazon Chime as an option for creating and sharing social content through online meetings, video conferencing, voice calls, chat, and to share content. Amazon Chime Basic allows you make 1:1 voice and video calls, and to use chat and chat rooms, on all your devices. Also allows you to share your screen during meetings. Free trial then up to 100 people (~$15/month)

Mailchimp Ads 

  •  Your email marketing service is a part of your social content strategy
  • Mailchimp now lets you create Facebook ads inside of the app (as a new campaign)
  • This is great but I still have concerns with doing all the flips and turns to manage list funnels
  • on the other hand does a great job with funnels
  • If you want to stick with Mailchimp, consider the Chimp Essentials course coming out on 2/26

Have an amazing week!

Snack Size Marketing shares resources and tips to help entrepreneurs leverage bite-size social content for your social media marketing success.

Social Content Trends

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