My Secret Formula to Social Media Success? SPICE —

  • I love talking about snack size marketing and one of my all-time favorite foods is spicy chocolate.
  • It has this distinct flavor that you never forget and tasting it for the first time made my mouth go wow, I want more of that.
  • Several years back I wrote a course on the benefits of a spicy brand for online marketing. Now I’m going to refresh that course for social media marketing.
  • Over a series of short live videos I’ll introduce the SPICE course by first sharing some practical tips to help you with the basics, then if you decide to join the 30 day course later I’ll help you define your social brand so that you are
    • more confident,
    • able to build trust with your audience and
    • consistently sharing relevant content in your newsfeeds

Let’s talk about the 5 ways to SPICE up your social media brand:

  1. Keep it Succinct – keep your messages short and to the point
  2. Share on Purpose – define the reason behind your posts; explore your why and make sure it’s clear to your followers
  3. Be Interesting – don’t be boring; focus on sharing that interesting part of you that makes you unique
  4. Stay Consistent – be reliable on the channels you choose; that helps instill trust that you will do what you say
  5. Engage with your audience – engagement is the one thing that will make you stand out from all the robo-posts

Come back next time and we’ll talk about the next topic – Finding Your Flavor on Social Media

Click here to scoop up the SPICE worksheet!

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