The theme for this week is focusing on branding, the perception you create for your followers online.  Your personal brand is what makes people follow your social content, it’s a measure of the value perceived by the people you engage online.  

The first key we talk about in the series is this – Understand Your Business

This is the most important key and it’s the basis of your entire content brand. You have to know what you do well before you can deliver the content that showcases your expertise. Otherwise you will be shifting wherever the wind blows you and this does not establish credibility or consistency in the minds of your followers.

At one point, I probably had about 10 different things for which I’d share social media posts.  However, my following would ebb & flow greatly depending on what I was sharing and loyalty was slim to none because they didn’t know what I stood for.

And since I didn’t know what I stood for either, it was much harder to figure out what kind of micro content to share in my social stream.

There’s that fabulous few who are able to share just about anything and get attention and credit for it but keep in mind they probably built up an audience first by being known for something. Then when they earned the trust, they were able to build on that and share expert advice on other topics.

You need to stand for something to create a stand out brand.

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These 3 questions will help you get clear on your micro content brand

  • What do you LOVE to do?
  • What is the biggest pain you want to solve?
  • Whom do you long to help?

Take time to answer these questions and it will make a world of difference in what you share as micro content.

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