Get more visibility, connect to your tribe and shine online!

This program is designed to accelerate your success by getting your business seen on social media. I’ll help you earn quick, targeted wins that connect you to the clients you love working with.

Over 6 virtual sessions, during your private mentorship you will:

  • Get clarity about where to spend your time for best return
  • Define your core content themes that ensure you’re seen as the expert
  • Leverage multiple content sources so you never run out of ideas
  • Create an action plan for systems that keep you out of overwhelm
  • Set a calendar that gives you space to focus on creating results you really want

With the program you will get access to:

  • Six 45-min phone/Skype coaching sessions held weekly or bi-weekly
  • Access to my virtual conference room for step-by-step demos
  • A welcome packet to get clear and to prepare for first session
  • Personal email support for quick questions between sessions

Get your business seen, remove overwhelm and connect to your ideal audience when you work with me in 6 focused mentoring sessions.  Each time we meet you will walk away with practical steps to apply and the tools to get things done.

Ready to be more visible and to design a business and life you love? Let me walk alongside you and help you hold yourself accountable to the success you deserve.

This is your time. Coaches and mentors changed my life and this experience can do the same for you.

Sign-up for your 6 mentorship sessions and accelerate your success today!

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 INVESTMENT – Special Pricing for a Limited Time

$394 for 4 payments, $525.00 for 3 payments,
or save $580 by paying in full $1,495.00 (normally $1,995.00)

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, PayPal

$1495 – One Time Payment

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$525 – 3 Monthly Payments

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$394 – 4 Monthly Payments

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What My Amazing Clients Are Saying…

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About Tanya Smith

Tanya SmithTanya Smith is a creative social content strategist and coach, soccer mom and geeky student of all things internet.

Described as a “walking Google”, Tanya’s step-by-step snack size marketing strategies and training products have helped hundreds of executive coaches, business consultants and trainers free up more time by using the internet to leverage their expertise, gain a broader reach, and dramatically increase their income.

Her experience and online marketing perspectives have been featured on stage, in radio, print, and a number of well-known digital publications, such as Visionocity Magazine.

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