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As technology improves and we get even more “connected” through social media, with wifi everywhere, shackled by our mobile handcuffs (a.k.a. smartphones), we’re going to tout the title of “busy”…and be more distracted. It won’t get better.

The challenge is that as service-based entrepreneurs – coaches, consultants, trainers – we want to spend time serving people and changing lives.  But we can only do this when we learn to compete in smarter ways on platforms like social media.

What Is Snack Size Marketing?

Definition Micro-Content

This page will get you started with a few resources to help you learn all about what I call snack size marketing for your social media.

Short form, snack size content (sometimes called micro-content) is delivered over many formats including audio, text and visual media.  Short content can make a huge impact for brands, and is especially great for those marketers who don’t have the team, the time or money resources that larger companies use to develop endless content.

You can certainly use longer form articles and posts to recycle into smaller bites.  That takes your content marketing much further so you can grow your brand, get noticed and engage with your prospective clients.

Here are a few of my best blog posts here on the site to help you learn more:

Understanding how to leverage shortcuts and short form content has been the biggest boost to my entire coaching business. And it’s allowed me to do business while I still have a life!

A Little Background

Often referred to as a “walking Google”, I fine-tuned my craft over the years with a number of certifications and ongoing education including as a certified content marketer (Copyblogger), social media coach and community strategist (Digital Marketer) …


I now enjoy using what I’ve learned to equip entrepreneurs with simple strategies that offer a human touch and personal advice through group coaching and on-demand training.

In our group, we use powerful coaching questions, social media tips and shortcuts, real-life stories as examples and affordable technology. I am privileged and thrilled to help my amazing clients get extraordinary results.

What You Can Do On the Site

So now that you’ve gotten to know a little about me as a social media coach, I want to meet YOU.

People who work with a seasoned social media coach who understands branding and marketing will learn to present your offer confidently online, get more out of your time on social media, and engage more with the people you most want to work with.

I look forward to helping you develop your online and social marketing skills. Can’t wait to meet you on an upcoming call!

To your success,


What Others Say About Tanya Smith, Social Media Coach…

Tanya brings unique tools into the learning process, and provides excellent resources for the client throughout the process – along with the many resources available on the website. She is an excellent communicator and her process is a thorough and well rounded program. It was/is a very positive experience that has helped me to clarify where I am now, where I want to go, and how to access the tools I need to get there. – Diane Patrick, Dallas, Texas

Tanya was very concise and took my mad ramblings and boiled them down to key deliverables I could execute today and those for later – deliverables which will get me what I want but could not see the forest for the trees of my own cluttered mind. Very impressive. ~ Kasandra Vittacca, Financial Epiphany

This experience provided me with a greater sense of focus, and reduced the stress from “being all over the place” with my vision. I believe she did save me $$ and I viewed the dollars paid for her services as an investment, not merely a business expense. It also saved me time, she is so resourceful, and by sharing her network with me, I was able to make decisions quicker with trusted and vetted business leaders. ~ Pamela Green, Power Project Institute, LLC

Tanya is a tremendous facilitator and has a wealth of information. The learning I experienced via one of Tanya’s workshops was invaluable. I received 10x more than what I expected and left feeling like the workshop was tailored around my needs. – Songhai Sledge, Dallas, TX