• Generate More Leads 

    There’s no doubt that great social media marketing works when you share content with intention and clear purpose.
  • Save Time & Money

    Our 28-day Sprint program helps you put a clear plan of action in place for 1 of 3 key areas in your marketing.
  • Achieve Peace of Mind

    Stop wasting time figuring out your strategy...so you can focus on the other aspects of running your business.

As Much As You Hate It, You Know You MUST Be On Social Media

If you’re like most coaches, consultants and trainers, you’re putting your heart into a business you know can be hugely successful. Your work with clients is everything to you.  If you could only reach more people, you would generate more leads and sales and just simply make more money!

Social media marketing can help you with this...but it does take time and intention.  

You need a track to run on and a dedicated space to work your strategy so that your content helps your unique and amazing service stand out from the online crowd!  Breaking this down into do-able steps is the key to getting critical tasks done so you can soar with your social media...

But With Limited Time In Your Week, What Is a Coach To Do?

How do you find time? What steps should you take? What if you are just starting out?
Even if you're hiring a team, you need to have your basic building blocks in place - a branding strategy, a content calendar for consistency, a plan for what happens after they click your link!

Well good news because helping service providers put easy social media marketing systems in place is exactly what we do on a daily.  And we have developed a simple plan to help you get the big ticket items done in no time.

All you have to do is commit to a 28-day process, called a 'sprint', where you choose your targeted goal and commit to 15 minutes a day working on designing and taking action on your plan.

We will give you all the tools & support you need for a successful outcome!

Because we have learned over the years that when all of the right elements are in place, your client base and your income can grow exponentially.

4 Phases of the "Snack Size Marketing Sprint"

What is a sprint?  A sprint is is a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed. Sprints are designed to help you keep focused on getting the outcome you want...and they work!
We will begin a new Snack Size Marketing Sprint every few months. Once you're enrolled, you will be part of a community where you can get support and resources you need to get the task done!  
You can join one sprint at a time over a 28 day period.  Read on to learn more about how this works.
  • PHASE 1

    Kick-Off Session

    The sprint will be open to a limited number of participants. On the next page, you'll choose your area of focus from one of 3 key topics for social media marketing success -- "Your Brand Story", "Your Social Content Calendar", or "Your Email Follow-Up Sequence" -- and you'll receive a downloadable planner to help you with that topic.  Then in our kick-off call, you will define exactly what you want to accomplish and what you will work on during your 15 minutes a day. 
  • PHASE 2

    Daily Marketing Sprints

    Over the 28 days, your commitment to yourself is to take action at least 15 minutes a day towards achieving your goal.  You will have access to a unique online accountability tool where you answer 3 questions related to your activity, get guilt-free support and share resources others might need within the private sprint community.
  • PHASE 3

    Office Hours

    Each week, I will personally make myself available in a live online meeting room to answer your questions and help you push through challenges and roadblocks keeping you from achieving your desired outcome.  If you can't make it in person, you can always submit questions through the private community forum where you will get a response, generally within 24 hours.
  • PHASE 4

    Celebration Session

    In this phase, we applaud your activity throughout the program, celebrate your wins and any steps -- big and small -  you've made to completing your social marketing goals.  You can't help but get excited in this phase because you'll have moved farther than you ever thought you would in a very short time. This program is designed for your success! 

During Your Sprint, Get Access to a Unique, One-of-a-Kind Online Accountability Tool called The Finish Agent

Over the 28 days, you will have special access to the most powerful & proven accountability software called "The Finish Agent" to help you remain accountable to your goals and take daily action. I'm one of the few certified practitioners who has earned use of this amazing tool.  
Easily see just how you're doing through a progress grid and by answering a quick set of powerful coaching questions each day, get support from our community of like-minded coaches, trainers & entrepreneurs, and leverage ideas for taking results-driven action.

What People Are Saying

  • Love the exchange of ideas during our monthly call. Your command of Social Media Marketing is amazing!  Coaching gives us an actionable plan on how to manage the various platforms. More importantly, how to save time with the best tools available in the marketplace.  Tanya has a unique way of teaching her content. It's easy to digest in bit-size segments yet paced with valuable information that's impossible to find on the web or other experts.  She clearly lays out a plan of action to engage on several social media platforms. 
    Lucy Hoger, Visionocity Magazine
  • I was introduced to new tools and different ways to reach the masses. Time management is a must for me because I work alone. Tanya showed me how to not only utilize my time she also showed me how to reach my audience successfully.  Tanya's communication is awesome with her students. She is precise and clear. Tanya does not leave you with any doubts just certainties. Tanya holds not only a black belt in client care but game planning as well. You will have a plan when you finish any of her courses.
    Deanetta Thompson, Think Differently Bible Study
Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself of just 15 mins of focus a day so you can build your brand, fill up your social media content calendar, or define your email follow-up sequence?  Join us for the next Sprint program!
The next program starts March 1st.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: Do I have to choose one strategy at a time (i.e. branding, social media content, etc)?
    Yes, because we believe that laser focus on a single area during the 28 days will help you get big results!  In the future, we may offer a 3-month bundle package, more topics and the ability to do a continuity program, where you can come do a sprint on whatever topic you like.
  • Q: What if I find out this isn't right for me? 
    No worries! This is why we have a 7-day guarantee in place. Believe me, this is just right if you’ve been procrastinating on that one marketing task you know could make a world of difference in your business.  It’s still up to YOU to do the work. But we provide the safe space and support. If it’s not right for you, you'll know in the first week and you just email support@tanyasmithonline.com to get a refund.
  • Q: Am I required to participate in the online forums?
    It is highly encouraged.  We’ve found that when you post your own daily progress answers, AND comment on 2-3 other group members progress at least 3-4 days a week, you have much better results. The support you lend others gets reciprocated!  This can easily be accomplished in less than 15 minutes per day, so with your 15 minutes of activity towards your goal - no more than half an hour a day to get your outcome is phenomenal!  *Additional guidelines for interacting with others do apply and will be listed within the Finish Agent site.
  • Q: Who is this program right for?
    The program is designed with service providers - like coaches, consultants and trainers - in mind. If you are a freelancer offering products, however, the same topics and activities could apply to you as well. It's about helping entrepreneurs put some structured time in place to work on building your online presence so you can grow your client base.  If you need to talk it through, visit my website calendar and let's grab some time to chat about it. Once the sprint opens, we shut down any new enrollments, so keep the deadline listed in mind.